Beneficios para mexico si gana trump

beneficios para mexico si gana trump

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Larrea had resigned as Coordinating Minister of Internal and External Security on January 10 to run for the Assembly and was considered by some within pais as one of the front runners to become the Assembly president.
En el cable N 191415, fechado el 10 de febrero del 2009 y clasificado como secreto, se hace un recuento del activismo político.Carvajal, who knew the agreement was only verbal, suggested to the Ambassador that these agreements should be formalized in writing, but did not indicate any other immediate concerns.He warned that "if they (aldhu) used State money for ends other than what had been authorized, it could result in the termination of all written agreements and the dissolution of the entity." Since 1980, aldhu has received funding from and maintained a close relationship.He added that, although Benitez' connection to the Correa government was undeclared, he el regalo pelicula chilena online had photos of Benitez with former Minister Larrea, Assembly member Cesar Rodriguez, Vice President Lenin Moreno and President Correa, and that with the photos, "they will not be able to say that.Carvajal called the Ambassador on February 6 to ask about the suspended assistance to the uies.They agreed to meet the week of February 9 to discuss.
(C) Hurtado also reassigned General Juan Francisco Sosa, Chief of the Judicial Police (similar to the FBI to a lower-level posting as district police chief in Quito, blaming him for not capturing Chauvin immediately.As a result, Larrea's political career is at least on hold, if not torpedoed.The uies was instrumental in the seizures of Simon Trinidad, farc secretariat member, and Nelson Yaguara, alias Commander Uriel, responsible for the attack on Colombian military base Teteye.Cooperation with GOE police: GOE officials linked TO farc REF: quito 100 Classified By: Ambassador Heather.(S/NF) summary: A pais provincial leader and former Under Secretary of Government under Minister Gustavo Larrea, Ignacio Chauvin, turned himself in February 4 to face charges of narco-trafficking.Chauvin also admitted that he was "a personal friend of Raul Reyes the second-ranking farc leader, who was killed in the March 2008 Colombian attack against a farc camp in Ecuador.(SBU) Chauvin admitted that he was a personal friend of the Ostaiza brothers, but claimed he was unaware of their illicit activity.